SRC, Jamón de bellota Pura Raza

140000Ft (18667Ft/kg)

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Black iberian (pata negra), free-range, cured for 30-36 months
Diet of acorns and other wild plants
Weight: 7 - 7,5kg

Pura Raza hams are made by Sanchez Romero Carvajal, the same folks behind the Cinco Jotas (5J) brand. These hams come from the same purebred Iberian pigs (100% Iberian, not cross-bred with other types of pigs) in Jabugo, just like the 5J hams. They feed on wild acorns, just like the 5J hams. They are cured for three years, just like the 5J hams.

So what's the difference? Why do Pura Raza hams cost less than 5J hams?

The answer is in the marketing. 5J is a carefully tended brand with limited production and a big marketing budget. Costs are higher. These hams, which have been produced to the same exacting standards and passed the same certifications, are sold under the Pura Raza brand. We think it's a good deal.