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    Jamotec F1 ultimate ham holder

    Hamlovers exclusive!

    The Jamotec F1 is, bar none, the finest ham holder in the world. It is the result of Jamotec's...

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  • Jamotec J4P pro ham holder

    Where to begin? Jamotec is the undisputed leader in ham holders. If a cadre of German engineers studied the ham holding problem for a decade, the...


  • Jamotec Boneless Ham Holder

    Once again, the engineers at Jamotec do not...


  • Jamotec J2 pro ham holder

    Like the J4P, the Jamotec J2 is constructed of solid stainless steel and heavy beechwood. It features the same patented 2-axis rotating cuff on a...


  • Jamotec JP rotary ham holder

    Featuring Jamotec's patented dual-axis rotating cuff, the JP is the affordable ham holder from Jamotec. Constructed of sturdy polypropylene...


  • jamonero (sonka tartó)

    Includes a free ham cutting knife with a long, thin, flexible blade - essential for cutting ham.

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